5 Ways to Remove Photo Background Online for Free

5 Ways to Remove Photo Background Online for Free

5 Ways to Remove Photo Background Online for Free
5 Ways to Remove Photo Background Online for Free

Removing photo backgrounds online just got easier for you, anywhere and anytime, just armed with a sophisticated device from a smartphone or PC. Then, later, you can use the web application to remove the desired photo background with very clean results.

Of course, there are many applications and websites that allow you to remove photo backgrounds online, so now you don’t have to worry about relying on an image editor, which of course has to be paid for. By using an online photo removal website, the impression is much more practical and also gives its own satisfaction.

How to remove online photo backgrounds using websites

High-quality web applications equipped with advanced features can certainly deliver results that look attractive and neat. To use it yourself, you don’t need to have any reliable skills, and everyone can definitely quickly understand any function or button. All you need here is the speed of the internet connection and the device.

A collection of photo background removal sites online
Below we introduce 10 website applications to remove photo background online. For more details, please refer to the explanation below:

  1. Remove Adobe Spark background

The first website to remove photo backgrounds online is Adobe Spark which is very powerful to try and solve photo backgrounds that you think you want to remove. You can use the website application for free and enjoy all of its superior features.

This first web application presents many photo templates that you can access very satisfactorily. If you later managed to remove the photo background, you can use different types of templates. Come on, follow the steps below to use:

  1. The first step is to open a web browser on any device, be it Android, iOS or PC.
  2. Open the website at the following address:
  3. https://spark.adobe.com/tools/remove-background.
  4. Click on the Upload Image option.
  5. Then please specify the photo you want to remove background online and then click Open.
  6. Wait for the photo upload process.
  7. Later, the photo background will disappear automatically.
  8. Proceed by clicking on the download option to download the photos.
    Please check the results.
    Good luck and have fun serving its features.
  1. BeFunky
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BeFunkny is an online photo background remover website that provides a photo eraser feature that is ideal for you if you want to erase any photo object. How could it not be that the name seems quirky but its capabilities are the same as other sites. You can rely on BeFunky to produce photo collages that look attractive themselves.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. The first point is to open the web browser on each device.
  2. Then open the website with the following address https://www.befunky.com/.
  3. Click on Get Started option and then select Edit Photo as well.
  4. Press OK. Roger that! when a browser speed warning appears.
  5. Next select Open and then Computer.
    6.Proceed to select the photo you want to remove the background from and click Open.
  6. Please also use the drag photo function there.
  7. Wait for the photo to appear on the surface.
  8. Click Keep option and please select the photos you want to save.
  9. Also select Erase and erase the background part of the photo.
  10. Next, please click Save and select Computer option.
    Make sure you wait for the download process to be successful.
    Much luck.

3. Clipping Magic

Clipping Magic is an online photo background removal website that comes with 2 main features. The first function is for automatic online photo background removal, while the second function is for advanced photo editing. Please use this website to remove desired photo background accurately and with clean results.

Of course, while the website application is fairly simple, the results for the editing features cannot be doubted. For complete information, please follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser on your device.
  2. Then go back to the Clipping Magic website at the following address https://clippingmagic.com/.
  3. Click on the Upload Image option.
  4. Next, select the photo whose photo background you want to erase and then click Open.
  5. You can also drag pre-existing photos, you just need to run them.
  6. Wait for the photo to actually appear.
  7. Later you will see 2 photos.
  8. The first photo is the original version of the photo and the second photo has the background removed.
  9. For the photo editing process, you can use the editing tools shown there.
  10. If you are satisfied with the results, please just select Download.
    Wait for the results and try soon.
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4. Edit photos for free

So, besides the ability to remove photo backgrounds online, here you will be presented with other interesting features like editing photos, making collage, compressing, editing photos in bulk, cropping photos and others. This way you will be satisfied for sure.

The way it is used is also pretty simple to quickly create the photos you want with neat and clean results. For more details, please follow the steps to use as below:

  1. As usual, first open the web browser on each device.
  2. Then open the website with the following address https://editphotosforfree.com/.
  3. In the “Photo Apps” title, select “Remove background from picture”.
  4. Proceed by selecting Choose from a photo.
  5. Please select the photo you want to remove background online and click Open.
  6. Wait until the photo appears on the surface before proceeding.
  7. Apart from this method, you can also drag photos.
  8. Later, 2 photos will appear.
  9. The first photo is an original photo and the second photo is a photo with the background removed.
  10. To edit photos, click on the Edit option.
  11. When you are satisfied, just select Download.
    Much luck.

5. Fotor photo editor

Fotor is a name that is very popular when it comes to online photo editing. It is believed that the web application really provides quality for each photo object created by it, so it is quite capable of managing all photo backgrounds.

In addition to being able to remove background photos online with the best quality, the application is equipped with complete functions, especially storage space for photo editing. Both new and professional users will surely be very satisfied thanks to the benefits

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But unfortunately you have to sign up first to freely access all the advanced features. Of course, the basic photo editing features are provided, you don’t need to pay more, it’s just that if you want free access, you need to upgrade or top-up.

How to remove photo backgrounds online using Fotor Photo Editor web application as follows:

1.Please open a web browser on your smartphone or PC device.
2.Continue to access the site using the following link https://www.fotor.com/.
3.Then please specify the Edit photo option.
4.Later, you will be redirected to the online photo editing page.
5.Then please click on open picture
Please select a photo online that you would like the background removed and then click Open.
6.You can also drag photos as usual.
7.Wait until the photo appears visible.
8.Right swipe down on the left tab and select the Crop menu option.
9.Select Preserve and give color to the part of the photo where the background will be removed.
10.Just click Remove to remove photo background.
11.To see the results, please click the “Eye” button located on the bottom right.
12.If you think it’s suitable, click Apply and then click Download.
Please name the photo and also state the photo format.
The download process is automatic.
Now you can see the result.

These are some ways to remove photo backgrounds online through a website. Make sure you do this right away and also determine which site you think is more suitable for you to get better, cleaner, quality results.

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5 Ways to Remove Photo Background Online for Free

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