Easy to Learn stock trading demo account

Easy to Learn stock trading demo account
Easy to Learn stock trading demo account

Investment products that are traded on the stock exchange or on the futures market offer significant profit opportunities with relatively little capital. Therefore, many people are interested in this alternative business.

However, transactions on the futures market involve a high level of risk that must be managed with a sophisticated strategy. Before a trader starts trading with real money, he should learn and refine trading skills. One way is to learn how to trade using a demo account.

Demo accounts are provided by brokerage companies for anyone who wants to learn and practice trading skills. Anyone can use a demo account, from beginners who want to learn how to trade to experienced traders who want to test new strategies.

Advantages of the stock trading demo account

Traders will experience various benefits of using a demo account, including:

  1. Best simulation tools

The demo account helps traders get used to the trading mechanism and available trading features. In fact, traders can test trading strategies or signals without worrying about losing money. Trading on a demo account is a safe way to learn as it uses virtual funds.

  1. Character building

Learning to trade through a demo account can form the necessary character as a professional trader. Through simulations on demo accounts, traders practice discipline and patience when waiting, opening or closing trades in both winning and losing positions.

  1. Get to know the characteristics of the instrument

A demo account allows traders to practice market analysis skills. Traders can also learn more about the characteristics of available futures instruments such as forex, gold, crude oil or stock indices.

  1. Proof of performance through portfolios
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A portfolio of trading results on a demo account, achieved through the implementation of a consistent strategy, stable emotional conditions and understanding of the chosen instrument, is an early indicator that a trader meets the requirements to move to the next stage, namely trading with the real market via a live account.

Learn to trade on smartphones

In this digital age, learning to trade with a demo account can already be done using a smartphone. With the internet, traders can train their skills and develop trading strategies through the Valbury application.

Traders receive virtual funds from $10,000 and can trade different types of futures investment products ranging from forex (18 currency pairs from different countries), precious metals (gold/silver), oil (crude) or stock indices. America and Asia).

In this application, traders can simulate real trading using a variety of interesting features such as: B. the SL (Stop Loss) / TP (Take Profit) feature to maximize profit potential and manage or limit trading risk and the Market Sentiment feature to display other traders’ position preferences. Apart from that, the trading signals feature is also available for transaction position ideas sent as notifications to smartphones.

Traders can also access the latest news and market outlook daily via the Valbury application. This application allows traders to save and study transaction history without a specific time limit, so they can easily switch to a live account at any time.

Of course, before beginning to use real funds in futures market transactions, traders should first understand and understand futures trading activities and the content of transaction agreements and regulations.

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Easy, isn’t it? It’s time to learn trading simulation with a demo account at Valbury Asia Futures. Sign up for a demo account in the Valbury app now.

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Easy to Learn stock trading demo account

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