It is not a cessation of BTS group activities

Hive Labels Big Hit Music, the agency of the world’s largest boy group BTS (BTS), started to settle the ‘BTS tearful party’ incident on the 15th.

On the evening of the 14th, in the YouTube video ‘Steamed Bangtan Dinner’, which was uploaded late on the evening of the 14th, BTS held a drinking party in tears, saying, “We need our own time to grow.” The fandom ARMY was shocked as this video was read to mean the cessation of BTS’ group activities in many ways.

On the 15th, an official from Big Hit Music said, “It was just a concept for a dinner party, and it’s a misunderstanding . ” He also explained , “I am scheduled to appear on a music show, and other group activities have not been arranged, it is not that there is nothing.”

The released ‘Steamed Bulletproof Dinner Party’ was shot with the concept of having a drink with the members and talking deeply. The members each enjoyed a variety of drinks and food, and candidly talked about their experiences over the past 9 years. Leader Rap Monster (RM) said, “Until ‘Dynamite’, it felt like our team was on my hands, but after that, I knew what kind of team we were from ‘Butter’ and ‘Permission To Dance’. “I don’t know,” he said. “What kind of story you tell and what message you throw is very important and means living, but that kind of thing has disappeared.”

Although the agency denies the suspension of group activities, the members draw attention by emphasizing that it is difficult to achieve personal growth and group activities at the same time. In the video of the dinner party, BTS members candidly talked about the difficulties they experienced while working as idols for 9 years. In particular, I was worried about the K-pop industry system that did not give me time to look back on who I was. RM said, “The K-pop idol system itself does not allow people to mature . In particular, he said, “ I became a rap translation machine, and if I worked hard in English (in overseas interviews, etc.), my role was finished . It seemed,” he said. Suga also said, “I couldn’t come up with lyrics or words. I really have nothing to say right now. “I don’t know what to say, ” he said.

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It is not a cessation of BTS group activities

A concept photo for the anthology album ‘Proof’ released by the group BTS on the 10th. [Photo Big Hit Music]

The full-fledged solo career  seems to be the result of adding the real problem of military service to the psychological state of the exhausted members . BTS revealed in the video of the dinner party, “The first runner in solo activities is J-Hope.” J-Hope said, “I think we should talk about the change in BTS’s keynote regarding individual albums. In this regard, Jin said, “I think I will be the last to do solo activities,” and said, “Please make a way first.” Should be.

It is not a cessation of BTS group activities

On the 14th, an article encouraging music streaming by BTS, which appeared on the Hive fan platform Weverse.

Army panic, Hive market cap evaporated by 2 trillion   

BTS’ tears put ARMY in a panic state. On Hive’s fan platform Weverse and YouTube channels, posts such as “I understand and support their concerns” but “I have a child in the 10th year of marriage, I feel like I’m full” and “I am in tears while working all night.” ARMY is engaged in a streaming battle as the title song ‘Yet to come’ of BTS’s album ‘Proof’, which organizes chapter 1 on the 10th, topped the major domestic charts on the 10th. ‘Old to Come’ topped various music charts as soon as it was released, but interest did not last long, and on the 13th, it was pushed to 7th place on Melon’s real-time chart and 3rd place for Bugs. However, from the morning of the 15th, it is on the rise again.

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The stock price of Hive, which did not rise despite the good news of the release of the BTS album, was hit directly by the ‘tears party’ incident. On the 15th, Hive plunged 48,000 won (-24.87%) from the previous day and closed at 145,000 won, breaking a 52-week low . As the stock price plunged on that day, about 2 trillion won in Hive’s market cap evaporated and the 6 trillion won line collapsed.

Lee Ki-hoon, a researcher at Hana Financial Investment, said on the same day, “The expression of temporary suspension is highly likely to have been an indirect expression of military enlistment.” When enlisting, Hana Financial Investment estimated that the decrease in BTS-related sales in 2023 would be about 750 billion won, albums and tours about 500 billion won, and indirect sales such as MD (related products) about 250 billion won. Reflecting this, the projected sales and operating profit for 2023 are 1.6 trillion won and 200 billion won, respectively.

The researcher said, “Estimation of performance is based on the assumption that all members will enlist in the military, and since there will be a performance gap between 2025 and 2026, when four members enlist, we assume that high growth will continue until 2024. explained.

By Jeon Young-seon, staff reporter [email protected]

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It is not a cessation of BTS group activities

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